Secret Speakeasy
Prohibition! & Nautical theme!
16mm short Films & Antiques & Music!
in Soho

Sun Sept 13th 2015
6 pm - 11pm

See 16mm short films
Hear original vinyl records
Enjoy actual antiques you can handle and get demonstrated!
Drink and enjoy refreshments!

There will be "nurses" and "doctors" since alcohol is prohibited...unless you have an ailment and require a prescription from the early 1900's. Choose your ailment
headache, rheumatism, bedwetting or hysteria!

The Museum of Interesting Things
takes over a Soho loft for a special

16mm short movie & music fest & party!

Drinks, music & beautiful visuals!

We will bring items from our vast collection of photography / film / prohibition & music items

And... we will have amazing items
from our NAUTICAL collection!
This is for the 19th Century Society
friends that made the boat ride event :)

There may be an acoustic performance by
denny daniel of Sofia Run
and some guest presentations!

In the spirit of a true Speakeasy
Anything can change so...
Please check this website before leaving.

You are part of a select few receiving this website.
Please only spread to people you know and love!
Yes, the rumors are true, we are shooting part of
a pilot for a possible show at the gig. smile ;)

All eras of history some over 100 years old!
See Old 16mm circus, animations, vaudville and more

The Museum has a show featuring
Rare 16mm short films from the
1940’s, 1950’s and 1960's

and you get to pick the films allll night!

and many more 16mm short films!
Early 1900’s and some 1800’s
Stereoviews and Mutoscope cards!

To join the email list for Events/Monthly Speakeasy and
New Items click here and let us know

A perfect date night or come meet someone new!
There will be refreshments
and you can order food from
Trattoria Corallo & Spice,

They will deliver food just for us!

The Loft at Prince Street 177 Prince Street
3rd Floor $10 to help the Museum :)
Between Thompson & Sullivan street
in Soho NYC 212 274 8757







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